The a-kasse usually follows the given broad goals

29/06/2013 12:13

There are two principal types of trade unions: first is craft union and the second one is industrial unions. a-kasse established in the year 1926. Trade union is an arrangement whether momentary or permanent formed principally for the purpose of changeable the relation between workmen and employees, workers and workers, between employees and employees or for warning conditions or conduct of any trade or business and include any federation of two or more a-kasse.

Trade union is companies made up of employees and their legislature that discuss with employers for profits, pay condition of doing work and schedules. Goal of a-kasser is as follows under this brief paragraph. It is specially organized for the purpose of security & promotion of interests of their employees. The a-kasse usually follows the given broad goals. First one is voluntary in association. Second is general interest. Third are collective steps.

Fourth is Permanent & Continuous association. Fifth are benefits in economic. Gain to identify legislative is sixth. And there are other cultural, social, political, and psychological. And some of there is precious and so important benefits. Some of the precious benefits are as follows: to safeguard their interest, to participate in union activities, to exercise leadership etc. It is also being felt in the country's a-kasser. It goes downward and many lose more members and have a tough time discovering a new a-kasse relationship. Skilled believe this is due to modify in the Danish society.


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